Police Department

 Notice to the Community


As the Officer-in-Charge of the Haledon Borough Police Department, I take tremendous pride in leading our great police officers in our committed effort in keeping our community safe and to preserve quality of life.  The key to successfully keeping any neighborhood safe is collaboration between the community and their police department.  Therefore, I urge you to report any suspicious activity and/or quality of life issues to the Haledon Borough Police Department.  Public safety is everyone’s responsibility and, as such, we must all work together. I also ask that you opt-in to our NIXLE Connect System to receive alerts and emergency notifications from the Haledon Borough Police Department via text and/or email.  To opt in, you can simply text our zip code, 07508, to 888777 or visit nixle.com. 

  Suspicious Activity   Quality of Life Issues  
     A vehicle is parked in an odd location, a package/luggage is unattended, a window/door is open that is usually closed, or other out-of-the-ordinary situations occur.    Loud music/noise emanating from a residence or a vehicle.    
     Person(s) congregating loudly and/or obstructing the passage of pedestrians.    
     Parking violations or vehicles left idling unattended.       
     Person(s) questions individuals at a level beyond curiosity about a building’s purpose, operations, security procedures and/or personnel, shift changes, etc.  
               Vandalism (Graffiti).   
     Juveniles leaving bicycles unattended on a sidewalk or unsafely riding a bicycle.   
     Someone pays unusual attention to facilities/buildings.  They may seek floor plans or take photos.              Littering.   
               Abandoned/inoperable vehicles.   
               Illegal Dumping.   
               Usage or Sales of Illicit Drugs.              Excessive barking/loose animals.  

Although some of these activities could be innocent, our law enforcement professionals will determine whether the behavior warrants investigation.  

If you wish to report something, please do not hesitate to contact our police department at 973.790.4444.  If there’s an emergency, you may also dial 9-1-1.


Respectfully, in cooperation with Mayor Domenick Stampone and the Haledon Council,   

Deputy Chief of Police Angelo J. Daniele, Officer-in-Charge 





FAX: 973-790-0966



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