Police Department

Welcome to the Haledon Police web site. We are proud to offer the community this service so please take some time and familiarize yourself with our agency. We will be updating this site periodically with news; events and important information so come back and check in often. Any information or suggestions you may have is important to us, so feel free to give us any comments or feedback.


The Borough of Haledon is just over one square mile with over 9,000 residents. Our location serves a travel corridor for surrounding towns, bringing many people into our town daily. Our department’s goal is to provide a safe community for our residents and for anyone who works in, travels through or visits the Borough.


Our department is comprised of four divisions. Our sworn officers, special police class I and II and our civilian staff all strive to make Haledon a safe and quiet community with a quality of life that every resident deserves. We are a team of qualified professionals who take pride in our work and serving the Borough.


Please remember that we need your help to keep our Borough safe, report any Psuspicious activity or anything out of the ordinary to us immediately and let us do our job for you.


Thank you for visiting and check back soon,


Deputy Chief Kevin Gottheiner



FAX: 973-790-0966



Louis Mercuro





Chris Lemay   Angelo Daniele  George Guzman




Donald Vanderveen  Michael Susen  Frank Conca  George Kelly  Jessica Funes



George Kelly/Timothy Lindberg



Michael Palmer Jake Rutkowski Semir Celoski
 April Latona Edar Merza Christian Clavo
John Bonilla Andrea Len Timothy Lindberg


Captain John Lindberg Lieutenant Angelo DiPaola Lieutenant Bruce Baker
Sergeant John Jones Lieutenant Ray Hamilton Lieutenant Waeil Dashoka
  Nicola Onnembo John Gulino 
Steven Guzman Kirkor Dokum Tom Kiritsis
Antulio Negron Wassim Helwani  James Iandoli
  Angelo DiPaola, Jr.  


Kevin Patino Jante Altadouka Jacob Warnet 
Richard Roat Thurston Johnson Harrison Brunining
 Nicolette Aponte Sabrina Rosado  Marquis Bethea
Evelina Kot  Jonathan Velez Victor Malave
Blanquery Tejeda Joseph Fahy Naffen Bachok
Jayson Ortiz Jawed Yasin Timothy Mc Douough
Kyle Joaquin Karol Sokolski  Eric Paredes
Danielle Della Vecchia  Antherson Ramirez Edward Akins III
 Camelia Valentin Jonathan Velez