Municipal Court

All payable state-wide traffic violations can be paid through this web site.
(Online Payments – Traffic Fines Only)

Violations Bureau

Address: 510 Belmont Avenue, 2nd Floor
Phone: (973) 790-0500

Court Sessions: Tuesdays @ 5:00 P.M. at 510 Belmont Ave
Office Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

Municipal Judge: John Segreto, Jr.
Municipal Court Administrator: Kelly Mullanaphy, C.M.C.A
Deputy Municipal Court Administrator:
Public Defender: Joseph P. DeMarco
Prosecutor: Daniel Brown

.The Municipal Court Administrator and the Deputy Administrator are responsible for:

· Carrying out the rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to the operation of the Court.

· Receiving complaints and dispensing information relating to Court matters.

· Maintaining the financial records of the Court and entering them in the docket; arranging trial calendars; signing Court documents; and preparing and issuing warrants; and receiving and accounting for fines and costs.

The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all motor vehicle matters, disorderly person complaints, fish & game violations, weights & measure complaints as well as all local ordinance violations.

Many motor vehicle violations, unless serious, can be paid directly through the Municipal Court Violations Bureau located at 510 Belmont Avenue. If you wish to pay by credit card, this may be done by logging on to the following web site:

Please be aware that there are many violations that cannot be paid and a court appearance is mandatory. Many of the most common payable violations are listed on the back of the ticket. If you are unsure as to whether you need to appear in court, please contact the court office at 973-790-0500.

The Municipal Court does not assess motor vehicle points. This is done so by the Division of Motor Vehicles, by visiting, you can link into a listing provided by NJDMV. All points associated with moving violations are listed here.

If you wish to plead not guilty to a complaint or ticket, you must contact the court office via phone. You must speak with court personnel directly in order to enter a not guilty plea. Once you enter a not guilty plea, you will be scheduled to appear in court.

Civilian complaints are issued by the Municipal Court. Civilian complaints are accepted at the court office between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 3:00p.m. You must appear personally to file a civilian complaint; as a judicial officer must speak with the complainant to determine probable cause for a complaint to issue.

You can print a copy of the “Complaint Information” form to get the process started. Please read it thoroughly and bring the completed form to the court office and speak with the Court Administrator or the Deputy Court Administrator.

The Violations Bureau is open from 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. where fines can be paid in person. You can also make payments through the mail or via the Internet. (traffic fines only) Certain traffic offenses are not payable and the defendant must appear in Court. Please make checks payable to the Haledon Municipal Court.

Title 39 Violation Penalty
(1) 3-4 Unregistered vehicle $54
(2) 3-29 Failure to exhibit D.L. or Reg $180
(3) 3-33 Unclear Plates $54
(4) 3-66 Maintenance of lamps $54
(5) 3-76.2f Failure to wear seat belt $46
(6) 4-81 Failure to observe signal $85
(7) 4-85 Improper Passing $85
(8) 4-97 Careless Driving $85
(9) 4-124 Failure to turn $85
(10) 4-144 Failure to stop or yield $85
(11) 8-1 Failure to inspect $130
(12) 8-4 Failure to make repairs $130
(13) 4-98
1-9 MPH $85
10-14 MPH $95
15-19 MPH $105
20-24 MPH $200
Excludes failure to Exhibit Insurance ID Card
Ord. # Offense Penalty
236-4 Throwing litter from vehicle $229
236-5 Vehicle loads secure $54
386-1 No Parking Over 48 Hours $127
205-3 No Parking Anytime $44
205-22 No Parking Specific Hours $24
205-22B No Overnight Truck Parking $44
205-23A 1 Hour Parking Belmont Ave $44
205-5.1 Snow Rt./Parking Prohitited $44
205-6 Wrong Way on One Way Street $84
205-9 Parking Prohibited Manchester HS $44
Turn Prohibited Brown/Church/Barbour/Oxford-W. Clinton/Belmont $84
205-10.1 No Right on Red $84
205-13 Trucks Over 4 Tons Excluded $84
205-5.2A Parking Without Permit 1st Offense $25
205-5.2B Parking Without Permit 2nd Offense $50
205-5.2C Parking Without Permit 3rd Offense $150
205-5.2D Parking Without Permit 4th Offense $500
205-23B 15 Minute Parking $48
Parking Violations
39:4-135 Improper Parking $54
39:4-138 Various Parking Offenses $54
*Handicapped Parking (Mandatory Court Appearance)